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Red Mare Wines

Our People

Red Mare Wines is a very small company and we are blessed to have a fabulous team.  In addition to founding partners, Anne Vawter and Jim Striegel, we have slowly pulled together a team with great talent, experience and dedication.  


Anne Vawter, Winemaker & Owner

Anne founded Red Mare Wines with Jim Striegel in 2007. She began learning her craft at UC Davis, where she received a BS in Viticulture and Enology. She cut her teeth and formed her unique style during apprenticeships under Heidi Barrett at the Oakville based Paradigm Winery and Richard Sowalski at Robert Mondavi, Oakvile.  Read more about Anne.

Jim Striegel, President & Owner

Jim grew up with the aromas of fermenting grapes wafting up between the floorboards in his Southern Illinois home.  His father would send away for Napa Valley grapes and process them in their cellar.  Jim has stayed close to wine ever since, visiting the valley frequently through his youth. Jim founded Red Mare Wines with Anne Vawter in 2007 and has managed the sales with great skill ever since.  Read more about Jim.

 Terri Striegel, Owner & Accountant

Terri is in charge of all things financial at Red Mare Wines. She is our rock. Terri keeps the books balanced and makes sure all our bills are paid. She is not only efficient and detailed, but she is also one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. Terri is a CPA for multiple businesses and keeps a busy schedule making sure everything is ship-shape.

Jennifer Rue, Associate Winemaker

Jennifer joined our Winemaking team in 2015. She is an integral part of winemaking. She and Anne have worked together on many projects over the years. Their skill sets are remarkably complementary, and they love working together to bring forward the best possible wine to the bottle. Jennifer has a long and respected career in the industry and makes wine for several well regarded Oakville based wineries.

Karen Minton, Artist in Residence

Karen is the only person Anne would trust to bring her vision of the Red Mare Wines' label to life. As a talented photographer, graphic designer, and fine artist, Karen was well equipped for the task. Karen is regularly pulled back in to add her talent to the design elements as the project has artistically evolved.  www.karenminton.com


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