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Red Mare: [red mâr] – noun – A sorrel or chestnut colored female horse, prone to getting her own way; expressive of her desires; having a sassy attitude.

Anne Vawter


I have always been a horse woman and a wine woman and combining my two loves was a natural progression in my life. I love wines with personality, energy and life. Red mares are well known for these traits as well. When I was considering starting my own label, naming it after those sassy ladies was always in my mind.

Anne’s fascination with wine began in her teens in Walla Walla, Washington. As her father was discovering new wines in that emerging winegrowing area, Anne began to learn with her father about wine tasting and evaluation. This eventually grew into a passion for winemaking. Having grown up in agriculture, it was an easy fit to learn and love wine growing. Anne set her sites on becoming a winemaker and viticulturist just as soon as she found that she could actually get a degree in it!

In 2002, Anne graduated with a B.S. in Viticulture and Enology form the University California, Davis, after which she worked for wineries in Washington, Napa and Chile. Anne spent four years under the tutelage of Heidi Barrett at Paradigm Winery continuing on to work with a small number of excellent wineries as their winemaker, helping to produce wines that best express the goals of each proprietor.

Most recently, Anne partnered with two investors to create Red Mare Wines, her first label to be released in the fall of 2010.

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The Red Mare

Paradigm was bred to be a race horse, with the racing name of Too Much Women. She began her racing career at Golden Gate Fields in the San Francisco bay area. It was over soon after coming in third a number of times. She was put to pasture for two years at which time she was discovered by Anne Vawter. She began learning the classical disciplines of dressage, show jumping and cross-country jumping. She showed in Northern California for two glorious seasons. After a little hiatus while Anne was focusing on her human children, Paradigm and Anne are getting back in to shape and the sky’s the limit. Their goal is to ride bareback and bridleless in 2011. Stay tuned and remember, red mares have more fun. Go bareback!



Our investors take the "silent partner" title seriously. One of our investors is a California native who now lives in Florida but summers in the Napa Valley. He loves exploring new and innovative wineries and learning from industry leaders. He spends most of his time building and managing investment portfolios, and trusts Anne with their latest venture, Red Mare.

Our second investor hails from the lone star state where he does more than just dabble in real estate. He has been coming to the Napa Valley since 1969, owns a residence in Yountville and is a wine lover of a very discerning nature. He was indoctrinated into a love of wine by his father, with whom he made wine in the old style at a very young age.

Karen McKendry Minton


Karen McKendry Minton is Anne's sister and a talented artist (see self portrait on left). Karen worked closely with Anne to draw our iconic red mare. She designed the label and continues to be integral in the process of branding our winery. Learn more about Karen and her beautiful art at www.karenminton.com

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